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Florida Unites is a professional network of Home Healthcare providers in Florida.

Important Dates For Healthcare Workers

  • Legislative Session convenes on Friday, March 9th, 2018,
  • Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 is October 15 through December 7th.
  • Medicaid Open Enrollment varies for each person. Find out when your open enrollment period begins and ends by contacting (888) 367-6554.
  • Medicaid Waiver Cost Plans for developmentally disabled renew on July 1, 2018,


Florida Unites, Unity And Support For Home Healthcare Workers

Florida Unites is a professional network of home healthcare providers in Florida.

Florida Unites provides opportunities for home healthcare providers to network. It serves as a provider referral service, in which families are connected with providers of high ethical standards. Florida Unites provides opportunities for education through monthly
E-Newsletters and Home Healthcare Expos throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Unites lobbies for the professional interest of home healthcare providers, educating Florida lawmakers on the importance of adequate funding and fair distribution of state dollars.

For people who have developmental disabilities, we've created WaiverProvider.Com which links persons with disabilities with qualified caregivers, supports, and services. It also providers information about Florida's Medicaid Waiver program, and other state and natural resources available to people who live in Florida. For persons who have developmental disabilities and live, or wish to live, outside of Florida, we've created WaiverInfo.Com which links you to medicaid waiver programs in other states.

For the support cooridnators who work with persons with disabilities, we've created SupportCoordinators.com . Support Coordination is a form of case management. Support Coordinators assist individuals and their families to access supports and services on their own.

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